At 1000m altitude in the valley of Bareilles known as the "Lost Valley" nestle 3 small villages

The village of Bareilles and the hamlets of Pouy and Ys.

Our 3 cottages located in the foothills of the hamlet of Pouy dominate the valley facing the peaks of the Pic du Midi Bigorre, Arbizon and Mont Monnet,

The valley, bordering the Spanish border chain, leads to Lake Bareilles, source of the torrent of

the Neste, privileged domain of trout fishermen,

it crosses the small villages of the valley before converging in Arreau with the Nestes of the 2 neighboring valleys

the Valley of Aure and that of Louron.

 Located on a hiking trail, the cottages offer quick access to the surrounding mountain and forest trails.

The 2 neighboring valleys of Aure and Louron abound in summer and winter with sports and aquatic activities:

  • 4 ski resorts: Peyragudes , Val Louron, Saint-Lary-Soulan , Piau-Engaly

  • 2 hot-play centers: Balnea  vallée du Louron , Saint-Lary vallée d’ Aure

  • 1 stretch of water with water activities , lac de Genos , Vallée du Louron.


Gîte Claou

Gîte Vallée des Nestes

Gîte Familial Fouga

Village de Pouy sous la neige